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We have supported a wide range of solutions to address health care affordability.

Past Policies We Have Supported

There isn’t one solution to fixing our health care system.
That’s why we need a multi-pronged approach. 

Strengthening Drug Price Accountability 

This bill would support improvements to the state’s Prescription Drug Affordability Board, to stop drug companies from unwarranted price increases on prescription drugs. Dozens of patients across the state testified in support of this bill and described the issues they face trying to afford their prescription drugs. The bill did not pass in the 2023 session, but the state budget directed the state Health Care Authority to study prescription drug services and report on the federal 340B drug pricing program to determine the best way to support lower prescription drug costs for nonprofit safety net hospitals and clinics.

Supporting Frontline health care workers

WA Safe and Healthy passed! It requires hospitals to implement Nurse Staffing Committees to establish and oversee annual staffing plans, adhere to meal and rest break requirements, and restrict mandatory overtime limits, and includes penalties for violations. It was a significant achievement for frontline health care workers and advocates who supported this legislation for several years prior to its 2023 passage.