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Want to know what’s going on with health care prices? Find out here.

Hospitals say they are hurting and insurers claim they are losing money. Meanwhile, prices and profits continue to rise and health care executives collect millions in salaries and bonuses. It’s time to pull the curtain back so people understand what’s really going on with health care. 

The fact is the skyrocketing cost of health care is unsustainable for many. A recent survey of Washington residents showed that it doesn’t matter how much money someone makes, most people reported that they were worried about the cost of health coverage or getting health care services. And the rate is higher for people of color, rural residents, and households with a person who has a disability.

Fair Health Prices Washington is telling the real story of what’s happening in health care with issue briefs that take a deep dive on what’s really important.

Did you know that debt collectors in Washington collectors can tack on an additional 50% fee on the charges and garnish up to 20% of every paycheck or wipe out all but $2,000 in a bank account?  Or that 5% or 400,000 Washington residents are being sued by debt collectors because of medical bills they can’t afford to pay? 

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