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Dr. Andrew S.

A man in a white doctor coat and stethoscope smiling.

I’m a Seattle-based doctor who cares for adults with rare genetic conditions. The patients I see often face serious life-long health challenges due to genetic happenstance. Too often, they suffer for years before they are diagnosed. 

The new genomic medicine tools we have to diagnose and treat patients could be a gamechanger in helping patients receive care for their conditions. I’m hopeful about the possibilities, but the high price of these new tools will put them out of reach for many patients. It’s frustrating to know that patients could benefit from the life-changing medicine that’s becoming available, but many won’t be able to afford the care. As a scientist myself, I understand that research and development takes investment, but we need dialogue about fair prices for new treatments so patients aren’t left deciding between their health and their livelihood.

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